HR Services

Es ist oft einfacher, die Personalabteilung eines Unternehmens zu vernachlässigen, vor allem, wenn alles reibungslos läuft. Die Personalabteilung eines Unternehmens spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Gehaltsabrechnung, der Steuererklärung, der Gesundheitsverwaltung usw.

Eine der wichtigsten Voraussetzungen für ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen in Nigeria ist die Anwerbung qualifizierter Mitarbeiter vor Ort. Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter zu finden, ist jedoch keine leichte Aufgabe. Deshalb ist DGIC International Business Services Ltd. bereit, unseren Partnern bei der Suche nach den besten und qualifizierten Mitarbeitern für das Wachstum ihrer Unternehmen zu helfen. Für neu gegründete deutsche Unternehmen in Nigeria ist es sehr schwierig, hochqualifiziertes Personal zu finden, das bereit ist, sich langfristig an ein Unternehmen zu binden. DGIC International Business Services Ltd. kann hier aufgrund unserer langjährigen Präsenz in Nigeria und unseres Expertenteams helfen.

Unser Handlungsspielraum

DGIC International Business Services Ltd. bietet seinen Kunden die folgenden HR-Dienstleistungen an.

  • Rekrutierung von Fachkräften (mittlere bis höhere/strategische Ebene)
  • Massenrekrutierung und Personalübernahme
  • Outsourcing-Service mit Gehaltsabrechnungsmanagement
    • Gehaltsberechnung und pünktliche Auszahlung
    • Ausstellung und Versand von Gehaltsabrechnungen an das gesamte Personal vor Ort
  • Einhaltung der Rechtsvorschriften
    • Klarer und detaillierter Arbeitsvertrag
    • Einkommenssteuer des Personals und deren Abführung
  • Kommunikation von Stellenangeboten über soziale Medien und Portale


We possess the requirements, experience and network to help you find the best person for the job. We offer the following recruitment services:

  • Recruitment and Selection- We develop a concise profile of requirements that will form the basis of the applicant’s selection.
  • Write advertisements for job vacancies and select the best medium to search for personnel and place advertisements for you.
  • Screen and select the best applicants for the job.
  • Organize interviews with selected candidates.
  • Validation of all contracts by the Legal Advisers
  • Management of personal and contractual data
  • Running of background checks on all employees.


DGIC International Business Services provides the client with the preparation of the staff renumeration and benefits, thereby increasing the efficiency of the client. We shall ensure that the remuneration and benefits of all the staff are in accordance with the Nigerian Labor Law. This allows you to develop your internal task force and use them more efficiently. The following are the services that will be rendered.

  • Salary Processing; We will take up the responsibility of constructing your payroll based on the contract agreement with the employee.
  • Management and payment of all compulsory social contributions; Based on the contract agreement, we will help our client in ensuring that they effectively manage and pay all compulsory social contributions in accordance with the Nigerian Labour Law.
  • Management of Workmen compensation; Payment of Bonus and other forms of compensation to the client’s employee as and when due to avoid breaking the Nigerian Labor Law rule will be ensured by us.
  • Disciplinary Procedures: Discipline is one of the key principles of a successful organization. We shall ensure the client’s company has a laid down disciplinary and grievance  procedure for all employees should there be need for such.


An employee handbook (also known as an employee manual or staff handbook) is a document outlining a business’s rules, policies, and expectations for their employees. It also lists what employees can expect from the employer. New hires are generally given a copy of the employee handbook with a form to sign, saying they have read through it and agree to the terms. It is important for all your employees to understand your business’s policies and rules. Creating an employee handbook shows employees that there are consistent policies for all employees — the same rules and guidelines apply to everyone, and all employees are treated equally.


will provide a template to suit your company. We can also help in the drafting employees' contract putting into consideration the Nigeria Labor Law thereby improving the productivity of the client and increase in qualified employees.


By matching each employee’s skills with their roles, DGIC International Business Services can suggest the best training that will help to enhance the performance of each employee, thereby improving their work productivity. We sought to build and identify hidden talent in each person.

We ensure our trainers have rich practical experience, not just as trainers, but also in the relevant profession. Our trainers have first class education and are certified trainers in their various fields.


  • Pre-Assessment One day on-site visit (if the company is within a reasonable distance)
    • Introduction to the trainer
    • Introduction of the course outline
    • Analysis and evaluation of customers' needs
    • First draft of course outline adjusted to the customers' needs
  • Preparatory phase
    • Designing the training outline and content.
    • Drawing up the course materials in English or German.
  • Lecture
    • Carrying out the course in English or German.
  • Training material
    • Handouts
    • Slides etc.
  • Post-Assessment
    • Carrying out a survey to evaluate the course.
    • The result of this evaluation will be delivered to both clients and trainers.
  • Certification
    • Certification of training will be issued to participants where applicable.


Based on the laid down procedures and provisions that the client has made for the criteria for performance target, DGIC International Business Services can help the client prepare a performance target for every employee based on their work and the basis with which the reviews can be made. This will help the Client determine what percentage of the bonus each employee gets at the end of a work year and ultimately improves efficiency.