Senior Expert Service (SES)

The Senior Expert Service (SES), headquartered in Bonn, is a foundation of the German economy that provides advisory services according to the principle "Help for self-help".

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The SES is the German sending organisation for retired volunteer specialists and managers who pass on their knowledge and experience from the various branches of industry. The delegation in Nigeria is an official representative of the project "Senior Expert Service" SES in Nigeria.

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Financial sponsors of Senior Expert Service (SES)

  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Main activities of the Senior Expert Service (SES

    • Training, further training and qualification of specialists and managers
    • Improvement of products, services and optimization of processes
    • Management of technical, economic and organizational problems
    • Contribution to the development of the Nigerian economy

Advantages of SES Experts

    • Many years of professional experience in your field of expertise
    • Total expertise in more than 50 industries
    • Appropriate support according to inquiries and customer needs
    • Adaptability to local conditions
    • Good knowledge of foreign languages

Potential clients of the Senior Expert Service (SES)

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises from a wide variety of industries
  • Social and medical facilities
  • Institutions of basic and vocational education and training

Conditions for SES project implementation

  • Submitting the completed deployment request to the local SES representative
  • Confirmation of the mission request by the SES Bonn and start of the search for experts
  • Signing of an agreement with the customer and the expert
  • Expert advice as the objective of the request for deployment
  • The customer is responsible for the extent to which he implements the recommendations.

Financing of the SES mission

    • The client pays the travel, subsistence and accommodation costs of the expert.
    • In exceptional cases, travel expenses and SES-administrative costs may be borne by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).