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We have a comprehensive overview of current innovations and promising business opportunities from the digital industry in Nigeria, Germany and Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about current developments, projects, cooperations and other market opportunities.

The ExpertTS project is also supported by GIZ Make-IT Alliance and the Strategic Partnership for Digital Africa.

We have been able to successfully support the following projects to date:

Aerial data services for construction, engineering, and telecommunications companies

Track Your Build (TYB) is a big data company that collects data on road infrastructure, telecommunications towers and oil & gas structures. This data captures the conditions of assets or measure progress benchmarks for ongoing work. They use drones and satellites to collect the data, and visualize the data to process and analyze it. Their outputs enable clients to make more informed decisions around their assets for maintenance or expansion purposes. TYB is part of the Make-IT Accelerator and can offer innovative services to corporates in the construction, engineering, telecommunications sectors.

Innovative healthcare pilot project to be launched in Lagos State

The Nigerian healthcare startup LifeBank and Darmstadt-based TEC4MED LifeScience GmbH are working on a joint pilot project to bring state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to last-mile hospitals in Lagos State. The LifeBank big data smart delivery platform combined with the Nelumbox smart end-to-end cold-chain solution will significantly reduce the occurrence of hospital stockouts and improve the condition of important medical products. Matching big data of LifeBank with the first active Internet-of-Things (IoT) cooling technology of Nelumbox is a pilot project with an immense future potential in digitizing healthcare in Nigeria and thus to save thousands of lives. LifeBank and Nelumbox are open to various types of partnerships and investment. German speakers can find an interesting article about LifeBank here.

Digital Clinics for Improved Primary Healthcare

95% of all Nigerian doctors practice in urban or peri-urban areas, and modern technology enables new horizons in primary healthcare accessibility in rural areas. The use of electronic health records in Kenya shortened patient visits by 22%, doctor time per patient was reduced by 58%, and patients spent 38% less time waiting in a clinic. Furthermore, the new advancements in artificial intelligence and smart portable devices can train nurses to take over even more of the work of the understaffed doctors. The Nigerian-German company African Founders plans to build a highly efficient, lean, and high-quality outpatient clinic in underserved communities, and to leverage technology to combine operational efficiency with a superior patient experience. Successful clinics using such approaches can be found in South Africa (Quali Health), the USA, and India. They are building a system where patients are treated holistically with prevention measures, health tips, medication reminders, patient communities, and more via app and phone service. To this end, they would be eager to partner with technology providers in the medical field who are willing to test their innovations in the Nigerian market.