Fact Finding Missions/Business Delegation

Our fact finding mission gives companies who are looking to extend their business activities to Nigeria an opportunity to understand the business environment and what is obtainable in their area of business operations.

Together with you, DGIC plans and organizes your individualized Fact Finding Mission to Nigeria. Our contacts and our comprehensive knowledge of the market will guide you through the unknown.

Our services include:

  • Provision of background information.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive program for your business trip.
  • Local transportation to meetings and site visits.
  • Pick up at the airport by an employee of our office. We will guide you throughout your stay, take care of organizational issues and provide you with information about your specific industry sector.
  • Organization of visits to companies and industrial plants as well as to institutions
  • Organization of special venues for your meetings.
  • Arrangement for meetings with government institutions.
  • Informative meetings with (German) companies in lagos as well as with financial institutions.

For further information, please send a mail to egemba(at)lagos-ahk.de


Debra Egemba
Head of Business Development
DGIC International Services
+234 1 2700746 Ext: 104


Yolanda Oghumah  
Junior Business Development
(DGIC International Services)
+234 12700746 Ext: 115