Energy Storage

The seminars on “Energy Storage” which took place in Lagos on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at the Westwood Hotel Ikoyi, Lagos, and in Abuja on Wednesday 28th June 2017 at the residence of the German Ambassador were the continuation of twelve (12) successful seminars on the Renewable Energy Potentials in Nigeria which was launched in 2014.
Financed by the Foreign Energy Policy Fund of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the seminars were facilitated by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos, the Energy and Environment Desk of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (DGIC) in Lagos and - for the first time - the German Embassy in Abuja.

Mrs. Bärbel Freyer, Head of Energy and Environment Desk at DGIC and Mr. Rene Siebenhaar, on behalf of the Consul General gave opening remarks and welcomed guests to the event. The events were moderated by the Executive Secretary of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), Mr. Godwin Aigbokhan.

The seminars focused on lithium ion and lead acid technologies with emphasis on the development of dynamic storage systems to control energy supply, avoid blackouts and balance the fluctuations in power generation and demand which are important needs for sustaining renewable energy and economic growth. In spite of the on-going research and improvements, challenges are still ranging from low lifespan of batteries, their adaptability to highly humid regions (e.g. Sub-Sahara Africa) and to environmental challenges largely due to improper disposal of used batteries.

The presentations by Mr. Franklin Omusi from Genesis Renewable Energy Systems Ltd on Prospects of Energy Storage Systems Production and Usage in Nigeria; Mr. Eoin Keane from Qinous GmbH (Berlin) on Lithium-ion Solutions for Micro-grids; and Mr. Suleiman Yusuf from Blue Camel on Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling in Nigeria - Economic Potentials & Environmental Implications provided insights on German technologies and expertise in modern energy storage, discussed the Nigerian experiences and considered solutions for proper disposal of used batteries in Nigeria.





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