Stand-alone Systems

The seminar on Stand-alone Renewable Energy Solutions which took place in Lagos on the 30th Of June 2015, at the Westwood Ikoyi, Lagos, is the continuation of four successful seminars on Utilization of the Potential of Renewable Energy held in 2014.

It was financed by the climate fund of the German foreign department and facilitated by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos and the Energy and Environment Desk of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Lagos. The seminar presentations focused on PV, its advantages and the introduction of feasible installations in Nigeria. With regards to the slow grid improvement and installations in urban areas coupled with the ongoing power shortage; PV stand-alone systems represent an individual solution to self-sustaining power supply. It has a high potential to also become a source of income through decentralized grid feed in in the future.

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For further information please contact Bärbel Freyer of the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce in Nigeria on 07033155280.  




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