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Austrian/German/Swiss Business Outlook 2017 for Nigeria

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07.06.2017 | 11:00
- 13:00
Lagos, Nigeria

This business outlook event is an annual exercise that will provide an insight to interested stakeholders and political decision makers doing business in the country. In addition, it will also be a means of dialogue with the Federal Government to bring to their attention difficulties being experienced by the international private sector operating in Nigeria. AGS enterprises are committed to continue partnering with Nigeria to improve the overall business environment exemplified by the ease of doing business ranking.

In order to pool their different perspectives of Nigeria, the official trade associations are pleased to invite you to take part in their second Austrian/German/Swiss BUSINESS OUTLOOK for Nigeria (AGSBO) 2017.

We would like to hear your company’s view of the prevailing business conditions – How do you rate the current economic climate? What’s your general expectation for the next months? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead?


For further information or registration, please contact Miss Yolanda Oghumah (oghumah@lagos-ahk.de).