Profile of Speakers

Hans-Jürgen Wedemeyer

since 1984 in the company, he graduated 1992 as laboratory technician, designated since 2006 as Global Technical Manager responsible for make-up- water, condensate polishing and ultra-pure-water applications.

He is representing more than 25 years of in-depth experience in ion exchange resins applications, engineering, product
development and plant design.

Dr. Jens Lipnizki

With a master’s degree in chemistry at Dortmund University(Germany) and University of London (Great Britain), he obtained 2003 his PhD in Chemistry on membrane fouling at the Technical University of Denmark.

Professional experience started working more than three years as head of R&D at a membrane producer in Germany before he took care of
pharmaceutical and chemical membrane application as sales manager. 2011 he became part of the application group in the membrane production facility of LANXESS. Since mid 2013, he got the position as head of the Technical Marketing Membrane.

Gerhard Simon

Since he graduated 1997 as process engineer, he is working as a water professional.

He joined LANXESS business unit LPT in 2013 as head of segment Water Solutions in the Global Marketing, today designated as Director Sales Development EMEA, amongst others responsible to develop the Sub-Sahara Africa business.